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mini top hat in purple
Mini Top hats are all about class! In the good old days (we're talking the 1800's) regular size top hats separated the wealthy and prominent class of people from the rest. Think Abe Lincoln, who wore a finer top hat probably made from top quality beaver fur that was felted. The poorer classes made do with plain old rabbit fur. (how embarrasing...).

By the 1930's, though, vintage top hats became slightly more stylish with the addition of grey or black. Grey top hats for daytime wear and black top hats for evening wear. This became the classic look and you'll still see these top hat styles worn most often by servants, doormen at posh hotels and in the sport of dressage. Oh Yes, let's not forget the Kentucky Derby - where the most prolific hat creations can be found!

The appeal of top hats or Topper Hats as some call it, has not gone away. In fact, they are one of the most sought after fashion and costume accessories. Today's top hats are designed in a wide variety of colors and styles, and are worn by those who wish to make a statement - usually a fashion statement. Top hats exude a sense of elegance and class for both men and women. Topping the list of must have head toppers, are miniature top hats, or as some like to call - mini top hats.

Name the color, and we probably have it. Want some Glitter?...Feathers?...Embroidery?....Jewellery?....Bangles or bows? We have mini top hats with the coolest assortment of decorative touches.

There is no finer looking or classier accessory to enhance a costume than a mini hat. Not only as costume accessories...we're talking wedding outfits and Gala events, also! It makes every outfit look posh and every wearer look unique and interesting. And the choices are amazing! The number of top hat styles and colors is only limited by the imagination of the companies that create them. Miniature top carries almost every conceivable style of hat from vintage top hats to burlesque top hats and everything in between. We offer one of the largest selections of Novelty Hats online.

Want to look chic, classy, interesting, intelligent, wealthy, sophisticated, sexy, handsome, charming or successful? Buy a mini top hat or standard size top hat and watch how it transforms your appearance. And the best part, is that mini hats are never too small for your head!

Check out our fabulous prices...and our listing at the left for novelty hats of every imagineable kind!

Check this Wiki for some more interesting facts on top hats.

Hot on our favorites list are the items listed below. They all look like a million bucks, but can be had from prices starting at $7.19 and less than $30! In fact most of our mini top hats are in that price range.

Prices matter, that's why we try and carry the most affordable hats possible. Another reason, is that many new brides-to-be order in bulk for their bridesmaids. Groomsmen, however, prefer the fabulous top hats we carry. These are authentic, high quality products that really add pazazz to a tux or suit!
mini top hats worn by 5 models red mini top hat with feathers black mini top hat with red vertical stripes and bow mini top hat with leopard pattern mini top hat with pink frill mini top hat with black and white vertical stripes